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MasterTracks Recording Studios will help you realize your recording goals from concept to completion. We know it takes a lot of work to create a CD, so our goal is to make it an enjoyable and rewarding experience for you!

The recording process begins with song selection, choosing a project name and music licensing. Once those items are determined we then move into pre-production which involves chord charting, selection and scheduling of studio musicians (if need be). Next, we record, edit, mix and master!

Your CD packaging (CD label, insert, tray card etc.) can be designed during the recording process and finished once the tracks are mastered.

MasterTracks Recording Studios' full time staff ensures all work is completed in house and to your approval! Our in house sister company Master CopyCats will take care of your CD replication, insert printing, packaging and shipping. Outreach Productions will design your CD packaging and create a website for you to promote and sell your CDs, book concerts, etc.!


We recommend a photography session once you decide to record! This will provide images for use in various promotional items including CD packaging.

Outreach Productions offers professional but fun in house photography. Our goal is to capture images that show who you are - individually or as a group!


We start by listening to your demo, and from this, we prepare chord or number charts for the studio musicians. At this stage, the character of each song starts to take shape. If you wish to use our studio musicians, it is recommended that you provide demos of the songs you wish to record.


Using Pro Tools HD, we can simultaneously record 24 tracks, up to a maximum of 192 tracks. This allows us to control each instrument individually so we can easily record, punch in or process each track to its maximum potential. We can also support 8 independent headphone mixes, allowing each musician to hear exactly what they want.


When editing your recording, we make sure every detail is perfected. This can be as simple as taking out some noise during rests in the music, or completely rearranging the part to suit the performers’ vision. We use the best tools available to bring your music to its fullest potential – every time!


Once your recording is complete, you will learn how your vocals and instruments have been equalized, panned, compressed and processed. Digital effects are added and their relative volumes are balanced. All work is to your approval.


Your songs are sonically enhanced and overall equalization is applied.  Compression, limiting and expansion are often used to make the songs more exciting, and the songs are arranged in an order according to time, tempo and message.


Graphic Design of your CD packaging can begin as soon as you choose to record with MasterTracks.  During the recording process, Outreach Productions' team of graphic designers can create the look and feel of your CD packaging with you.  It is important to our team that you love the design!  We can design everything for you - CD Label, insert, tray card, promotional website, posters, t-shirts and so much more!

After your master is complete our graphic artists can put the finishing touches on the design of your CD packaging so it can be quickly replicated. Then you can start selling and promoting your CD!


See Outreach Productions website for details.

Replication and Insert Creations

Once you have approved the CD packaging design it’s time to have it replicated.  Master CopyCats, our sister company, will process your order with care!  Whether you want 10 or 10,000 copies, we will ensure your order is handled professionally, priced competitively, and delivered on time.  We have an excellent reputation with our customers so you can rest assured that you are in great hands.


See Master CopyCats website for details.

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